Vacation Leave For Zak

Hey guys,

I’ll be taking a vacation leave starting tomorrow. I’m going to Sudbury, Ontario to catch up with family. I will be placing Mark Chen (markharbboy) in charge of daily operations. Rolf Li (rolfli) will be in charge of publishing articles and of posting to zakopinion’s facebook page. Thanks and I hope that zakopinion will be ran to our usual, great standards.


Ebola: The Fight to Survive


The World Health Organization (run by the United Nations) calls this the largest and most deadliest outbreak of the elusive Ebola virus ever recorded in history. It has killed over 600 people! SERIOUSLY? 600 people and counting? HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE. Ok, I know that you are going to say “but Rolf, these are third world countries, they can’t control the virus!”. And you know what I am going to say. Yep, you guessed it. “Where is the money that all the governments’ said they would give going? If what we hear is true, that means that there should be more than enough money to secure an area to contain a virus that can’t come in regular contact with humans.” Ok, so what EXACTLY is happening to these poor people that are getting infected and dying. Let me give you some background information on what the Ebola virus actually is. It is a disease that was discovered in 1976 in the depths of the African forests. So how does this virus kill and infect? Well, it is only contagious when you come in contact WITH bodily fluids. The virus kills off your healthy cells and causes sever dehydration. So how has this gotten so bad? Do not blame me for this, but I personally think that preventing a pandemic that could wipe out 60% of the world than spend all of the emergency resources on negotiating talks between two warring countries. Believe me, I want all wars to end and world peace, but when you have a choice between saving 5 BILLION people or 10 million, it’s a no brainer. So what are the international governments doing? The outbreak happened weeks ago and no government has stepped in to contain the outbreak. This is important! When we give money to the government to donate to other countries, we want the money to go places. We do not want to see the governments look aside while a deadly virus kills people silently. Luckily, this time doctors started to say something and this is now an international crisis. European agencies and the USA and Canada are preparing resources to fight the virus and they are finally getting into the countries that are infected and they are finally containing the virus. Finally a GOOD choice by our governments. We are actually pouring money into SOMETHING that is ACTUALLY helpful. Thank you Obama. I guess we just have to see what will happen now since there are soldiers in the countries and officials monitoring travel from infected countries. I personally advise that you do NOT travel to Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone as there is no vaccine or drug that will fight the virus. Although if you live in a country like the USA or Canada, the chances that you survive are significantly higher as we can keep people alive until the virus is killed by the body immune system. My thoughts and best wishes to those affected by the virus.

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An insight into 2014’s plane crashes (so far).

2014 was a bad, horrible year for commercial aviation. There were four major plane crashes this year. First was the mystery of mh370, then came mh17, next was the plane crash in TaiWan and last but not least. The Algerian Airlines plane that crashed in a part of Western Africa.

First was mh370. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) was a scheduled international passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that disappeared on 8 March 2014 at 01:20 MYT (17:20 UTC, 7 March), after losing contact with air traffic control less than an hour after takeoff. At 07:24, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) reported the flight missing. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations. Boeing 777s were know for their long distance hauls and the standard of safety these planes provided. The plane has not been found after it lost contact to air traffic control. The plane took of and turned sharp to the left, going out of scheduled course. There are many theories as to why this happened. Many say that the plane was hijacked. Others say the reason the plane turned sharp to the left was because there was a fire on board and communications were cut off, the nearest airport was to the left. However, I think that the plane was hijacked.
The captain had a flight simulator at his house. He could have trained for the hijacking. He was well known amount his colleagues. The captain was very experienced, while the co-pilot was inexperienced, logging only 10s of hours of the plane. This provided a good opportunity to hijack a plane. The plane could have flown 4100 miles out because the pilot asked to refuel the plane. That is a red flag. We might never know what will happen to the plane. The plane might have been already modified and turned into a private or military plane. Whatever happened that night was horrible and lives with us forever. RIP to the victims of the tragic air disaster.

The second is mh17. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) was a scheduled international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that crashed on 17 July 2014. The plane is believed to have been shot down with a Buk surface-to-air missile. The Boeing 777-200ER airliner went down near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, about 50 km (31 mi) from the Ukraine–Russia border, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board. The crash occurred in the conflict zone of the ongoing Donbass insurgency, in an area controlled by the Donbass People’s Militia. The two sides in Ukraine’s ongoing conflict (the Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian separatists) accused each other of shooting down the plane while denying their own responsibility. A Ukrainian Interior Ministry official, Anton Gerashchenko, said a Buk surface-to-air missile hit the aircraft at an altitude of 33,000 ft (10,000 m). Several witnesses in Torez reported sightings of what appeared to be a Buk missile launcher on the day of the incident. Unnamed US intelligence officials stated that sensors that traced the path of the missile, shrapnel patterns in the wreckage, voice print analysis of separatists’ conversations in which they claimed credit for the strike, and photos and other data from social media sites all indicated that Russian-backed separatists had fired the missile. There is even more evidence to this. The Russians had support from the homeland with all the weapons. The Russians had the intention of smuggling these weapons too. Very likely that the Russian were the ones who did this. Also, the area was Russian controlled territory.

I am going to talk about the Algerian plane and the TaiWan plane together. There were many similar things that occurred. The Algerian plane crashed in Western Africa. Both planes were pounded by heavy rain. Rain can spell trouble for even the most experienced pilots. Rain can reduce visibility and cause trouble for small planes in windy situations. Therefore it could be dangerous.

Let’s hope that there will be no more crashes this year.

Shuffle Of Positions At zakopinion

By: Zak

Hello guys,

Just wanted to let you know I have some exciting news about roles at zakopinion. Bosco Chou (bossjamesinternational) has been appointed to chief of music and entertainment at zakopinion. Bosco has shown great promise as he organized the full recording of “Damn the Liberals.” Our other change will be that Rolf Li (rolfli) will now also be in charge of media relations at zakopinion. Rolf is already the Vice President, Editor In Chief, and Chief Author at zakopinion. Since I have been sort of laid back in terms of writing lately, Rolf has been managing articles.

Thanks and hopefully these changes will strengthen zakopinion.


Damn the Liberals

Hello Zakopinion fans, it is me Bosco. Zak and I are going to release a new song next Friday. The title of the song is called Damn the Liberals. Why did we call the song, Damn the Liberals? The reason being, is that the 2015 Canadian Federal Elections are coming and we want to show how much we don’t want the Liberals to win. We will be recording tomorrow at the studio. This song is going to be very lightly based on Critical Acclaim by Avenged Sevenfold, and this will be zakopinion’s first heavy metal song. If you fans want to know more about the song, email me at!

Mike Duffy: An Article Highlighting Everything From The Conservatives, To The Senate, And The Big Fat Cheque


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By: Zak and Mark
Mike Duffy is the talk of the country in terms of politics. He has taken a big amount of money for his own personal use. It is what Mike Duffy calls housing allowances. There is more to the story that what you can see.

First, if you remember, the big story was out back in May of 2013. Duffy, got 90,000 dollars from Nigel Wright. Or as Duffy said it, Nigel gave the money to him. It was first seen as his housing allowance. However you can easily tell that it is a fake. He ” lives ” in PEI. Well… Yes, he does have a house in PEI however the neighbours there tell the media that it is just an empty house. His actual house that he lives in is a big place 30 minutes it of downtown Ottawa. Later through an inquiry, the media found out that he got another 25,000 dollars from Nigel. Why and how he got that money, nobody really knows. It’s probably just one of his other ” housing allowances “.

Then, Duffy was suspended on November 5th, 2013 for two years without any pay because of his actions. That, to me (Mark), was a good decision. I mean, we can’t have these kind of things happening. Duffy doesn’t even think before he does anything. The Canadian government is going to invest more money that ever in infrastructure. They will invest about 60 billion dollars in total. Most of the money will be coming from loans. Every dollar counts. If we don’t save now, we won’t be able to pay the money bad and we will get bad credit rating from the banks. Which will serve a major blow to the Canadian economy. In these economical times, every cent counts.

Zak: Right now Mr. Harper has to keep his name up high. Wallin, Brazeau, and Duffy have proven bad for his reputation. At this moment in time the Liberals are becoming quite popular with their young and upcoming leader Justin Trudeau. To put it in my opinion, Trudeau knows nothing. He kicked out his entire caucus and will only support people who support abortion, quite undemocratic. Yet the younger generation of voters are somehow appalled to vote for him. I’ll get back to Harper’s side of things here. The Prime Minister is a veteran politician who actually has brains. He can’t afford to get his name tarnished because of the three senators (who were formerly conservative) that stole money. A couple of months ago I was actually pleased by Thomas Mulcair’s (NDP leader) reaction to this. In the House of Commons and to reporters, he continually slammed Harper’s government. Before the guy never really opened his mouth. He proved to Canadians that he is a fine politician and quite a leader. At this time in Canadian Politics, Stephen Harper has to protect his name. There are lots of world crisis happening and we have an election coming up pretty soon.

Another thing is that Harper can’t have this happening on the financial side of things. He has enough to worry about, with all the financial issues. People like Mike Duffy is making Harper look bad. Good thing that Nigel Wright resigned so he wouldn’t get even more screwed. Mike Duffy has gotten charged on 31 counts which include Breech Of Trust and Fraud charges. Let’s just say that there are both pros and cons to this. The pros side is that justice will be served. The cons side is that Harper and the government is going to have to do something about this, which might mean millions of dollars spent to fill an vacant seat. The Canadian government is going to have to step up their game.

Announcement Of NEW SONG: Damn The Liberals


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By: Zak

Hey guys,

I come to you with great news! zakopinion is releasing a new song! This is going to be our most highly anticipated song in zakopinion history! The song title is “Damn The Liberals” We will be talking about the Liberals and how if Justin Trudeau is elected he will screw up Canada big time.


It is going to be a rap/rock song with me doing the rap and zakopinion author bossjamesinternational doing the rap. This time we are doing it professionally in a recording studio! Stay tuned!

Official release date is Friday July 25th

Something Fishy Going On… MH17

By: Rolf

Kaboom! A loud explosion occurs and the Boeing 777 plummets 33,000 feet to the ground. Meanwhile, authorities in Malaysia have no idea that they lost a second plane in 1 year. Ok. Let’s start from the beginning. Something is wrong and we know it. That sounds very cheesy, but it is the truth. The plane (MH17) was headed from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on an international flight path. Suddenly, it disappears from civilian and military radar. Ukrainian officials contact Kuala Lumpur to break the news.

What happened you ask? Well, for starters the plane was shot out of the sky by a ground to air missile. Investigators have found that it was a missile and not an anti-aircraft shell. Great. Now we know how the people did it, now who? If you ask me, there are two ways that this could have played out. Firstly, I think it definitely was pro-Russian separatists in the region. Why? Well, Ukrainian forces have not been in control of the region for months now. They have been fighting with the rebels, but they have not succeeded and the rebels solely controlled the region. “They don’t have the weapons though…” you say, well they do. They are backed by the Russian Federation and they have connections to many terrorist groups. Another reason this could not have been Ukraine is the fact that all of their equipment is controlled and all activities are recorded and hard-wired into devices that track military movement. IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN UKRAINE. IF they did it, they would be ruined and they would not risk causing an international disaster. AND the plane was flying towards the rebel controlled area, so the plane COULD NOT have been mistaken from the Ukrainian side, but it could look like a warplane from the rebel side. AND Ukraine has access to flight records so they would know that it was a civilian plane. SO GIVE YOURSELVES UP REBELS and stop causing violence.

I would like to extend my condolences to those who lost their lives in the accident and to their families, our thoughts are with you.

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How To Survive The Economic Crash Part 1


Ok. Let’s get real. There is a storm coming and it’s a big one. No, I am not talking about hurricanes or tornados, I am talking about the economy. Things may look bright right now, but let’s look at history. Economic crashes happen once every 80 or so years. Not the kind where the economy shrinks a bit and the markets go down, I am talking about the type where inflation rises exponentially and the dollar crashes and trading ceases. These are the two types. Let’s call these two types C1, and C2 (where C2 is a complete crash). You may say “but we just had an economic crash Rolf, that was just in 2008!”. Yes that is true, but that would fall under C1.

1. HAVE CASH AND PRECIOUS MINERALS AND METALS. I cannot stress this more. Have some cash on hand. During an economic crash, the most valuable thing you need is cash. Don’t have it in the bank, have it IN YOUR HOME. When the dollar crashes and trading ceases, 1 dollar could buy you a full meal for your entire family. Have at least $5,000 IN CASH in your house. Not in your pocket, but in a safe in your house. Let me explain why. When you have money in the bank, you think it is yours. IT IS NOT YOURS UNTIL YOU WITHDRAW IT. When you leave money in the bank, you risk having the bank saying “the government needs it more other things.” In that case, you are screwed. All the cash that you put into the bank is not available to you and your family when you need it. Keep some of it at home, so you don’t lose your life and your money. Another thing that you need is gold and some other materials. If an when there is no more money anywhere, and you have run into some problems that left you cash-less, you may resort to selling your gold. No matter what happens, gold will be of value and it is very VALUABLE. I suggest having $10,000 worth in gold and diamonds.

2. HAVE EMERGENCY RATIONS TO LAST FOR AT LEAST 3 MONTHS. This may seem very “stupid” to you, but trust me, when the markets have no more food, you will. This is the reason. Let’s say that the crash made importing food a commodity and the price of food soars. You don’t want to spend your money on food during the crash, you need to pay off loans and other necessities of life. Pack canned food and non-perishables to last your family for 3 months. During these 3 months, you don’t have to beg for food or find that the supermarket is empty. You will have enough to eat. Buy food that is high in protein for preservation to save in space and money. Have water in jugs and bottles that will last at least 4 months in case of some sort of accident. When the city cuts off water due to lack of funds, you will be able to drink and eat in peace.

3. GET A WEAPON AND FORM AN ALLIANCE. You and your neighbours just want to stay safe during the crash. Let me tell you something. When the crash hits, people will go to the banks and “withdraw” cash to find out it is not there. They will go hungry (but you should not if you follow my tips). They will do anything to get food and they are mad at the government and mad at you for having food. That is why you need to get armed. Have a pistol with a couple of clips. Have knives to defend yourself with. And the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to have an alliance with the people around you. With your neighbours, set up schedules to stay on guard and barricade the area around your houses. This will build trust, and you won’t have to shoot them with your limited ammunition. You will protect each other from harm and you will save the people around you. Don’t wait for the National Guard or the Army to protect you. America has 350 million people to protect and Canada has 35 million people to protect. They will not get to you.

4. HAVE NO DEBTS AND GET OUT OF THE CITY. If you have debts, then you will sink. The banks will just keep on collecting money from you and they will run you to the ground. They don’t care if you have no money, they OWN YOU. This is why you need to pay off your debts because 1 dollar you pay to the banks is 1 dollar less for food and water and fuel for your family. Now, you will need to save money to pay your property taxes. Trust me, the city will have no problem in kicking you out of your house because you did not pay them. This brings me to my second point: get out of the city. When hundreds of angry people riot, you are not safe. Cities will be a mess, so get out. Save money now and move to a farm. Buy a piece of land and start farming. If it does not provide income, so what? It will PROVIDE YOU WITH FOOD. It will also be safer for you, as other farmers are not hungry either and they probably don’t use banks, so no angry people.

That is it for this time. Next time, I will be explaining another 4 things you NEED to know.

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Should you travel to Brazil In Wake Of This stuff?


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By: Bosco

Hello Zakopinion fans, it is me Bosco and I managed to get over the fact that Argentina lost to Germany, but let’s get into real talk.

Right now in Brazil it is pretty dangerous in major cities, due to protests. These protests began when the Brazilian government used their budget on the FIFA 2013 Confederations Cup, FIFA 2014 World Cup, and 2016 Olympics. The protests escalated when Brazil lost the semi-finals when they were facing Germany, due to Neymar unable to play. Protests worsened when Brazil lost the Third Place game to Netherlands. For World Cup news, it said problems would escalate if Argentina won the World Cup due to Brazilian-Argentine Football rivalry. Thank god, Germany did not escalate the protests being severe, but Argentina I knew you tried your best. The 2016 Olympics have caused more problems for Brazil. Banks have been running out of money, goods, services, etc. are very expensive, and the Brazilian government is corrupt at the moment. Logically you shouldn’t be hosting so many games in your home country if you know its over your budget. Really, why should we have world games and this competitive shit, it is a huge waste of money, and most stadiums would not be reused for other projects.

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