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I love watching soccer. I love it. LIVERPOOL F.C!! But I always wondered one thing. How do amazing powerhouses lose to 12th placed teams? During the worldcup England tied USA 1-1. HIW DOES THE PLACE WHO INVENTED SOCCER TIE THE PLACE WHO INVENTED AMERICAN FOOTBALL??? England scored to make it 2-1 but the referree didn’t count it. It’s heartbreaking for fans to just think about these incidents. But just think about the players. Some players get money for missing that breakaway shot. But there is another side to that. Some players aren’t as fortunate. Think about this. You’re on a breakaway you can EASILY score and WIN IT ALL for you’re country. BUT you HAVE TO MISS. Or else you’re family dies. It’s really sad knowing that all this crap is going on within the beautiful we know of.