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What does the fox say? Niningniningningningning!!! Is that what the fox really says? If you ask me that was the stupidest YouTube video I’ve ever watched. But the thing is ITS SO CATCHY! Like seriously. As you read this this post that song is probably playing in my head. Why do these crazy videos go so viral. I love them yet I hate them. It’s weird. Even crap like gangnam style is stupid but good. YouTube is a weird place I tell you. A place where teenagers and weirdos get their thoughts out by making dumb and pointless videos. Some videos are popular for only 2 days. Then what happens? NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THEM FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY. These days trends are so weird it really makes you think. But the last question I want to ask is…. IS YOUTUBE A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING? In my opinion youtube is fine for viewing music videos and other forms of entertainment. But the fights caused by commenting on YouTube videos are so stupid. People fight over nothing and then take it into racist terms. It’s a good thing that Google is going to start cleaning up bad comments. But then again. HOW MUCH CAN YOU CLEAN UP?