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Today I am writing this article in memory of my favourite tech company. Blackberry. I bid you a sad farewell. Bye Mike Lazardis, bye James Balsille, bye Thorsten Heins, bye curve, bye torch, bye pearl, bye Q10 AND BYE Z10! A Canadian icon gone. People used to identify Canadians with Blackberries. Now Canadians are identified by Justin Beiber. It is truly sad. At The University Of Waterloo in Ontario students were signed up to work at Blackberry [formerly known as RIM) now they are scavenging for jobs. 2008- everyone had a Blackberry. 2013- no one has a Blackberry. 2008- Blackberry stock price reached it’s peak of around $150. October 2013- stock price is currently $8. I cannot believe this. Farewell Blackberry. Good bye.