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Today I hade the “gratifying” experience of meeting with some panam games officials along with “Patchi” the panam games’ official mascot. I was speaking to Brayden one of the officials. He was explaining a big about the panam games, it’s history and some other facts. Apparently high class athletes such as Micheal Jordan have participated in the panam games. AND DID YOU KNOW THE PANAM GAMES ARE BIGGER THAN THE OLYMPICS! Anyways that’s what Brayden said. The panam games it setup nicely but there’s one problem that bothers me. TAXPAYERS MONEY! Yes over 2.1 billion dollars in over spending has been accounted for during the development of stadiums, athlete villages and so on. But why spend so much for a “games” that no one watches? I hope panam can impress me with the crowd they draw in.