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Just the other day I was thinking MAN WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL OF THE MONEY ATHLETES MAKE? Well I’m not pointing fingers at anyone but most athletes are not that bright. Why may you ask? Well first of all their whole childhood was focused on being good at that one sport. And secondly they probably missed a lot of school time. But where does this money go? Well the truth is that most of it goes into drugs, alcohol, partying and girlfriends. During the last Super Bowl reporters were asking questions to athletes. One question really shocked me. Quite a few NFL players were asked ” what is the FTSE?” (the British stock market). All but one player knew what the answer was. Shocking eh? But then there’s a good side of things. My freind Jamaal Magloire (former raptors player and NBA all star) is a very intelligent guy. Even though most of his life was spent playing basketball me and him always talk about buisness. In the end there is a good side and a bad side to this ordeal.