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Most of us have just learnt of the sentencing of one of the most corrupted mayors in U.S history… Kwame Kilpatrick. Now I do not live in the U.S nor do I post about their politics but I wanted to make something clear. WHITE COLLAR CRIME. Mr. Kilpatrick’s terms in office were plagued with many scandals. But today I want to focus on white collar crime. In the U.S the penalties are harsher than what we have in canada. 28 years for Mr. Kilpatrick blew me away. It took me a while to realize that is the norm in the U.S. Take Sir Conrad Black for example. He defrauded lots of money out of people. He got a huge sentence. 6 and a half years I believe. Mr. Black is originally from Canada. He also had an English citizenship. But he gave up his Canadian one for an American one. If only he had stayed canadian he would have gotten a MUCH lighter sentence. And there is the story of Salim Damji. Mr. Damji tricked lots of members of the Ismaili Muslim Jamat to invest in Colgate (Mr. Damji told investors he was a big shot in Colgate and he could make them a lot of money). Truth was Damji did not have ANY connections to Colgate at all. He made off with over 80 million dollars. In the end he was only sentenced to six months in prison. Sad isn’t it? I think Canada has to make some changes in the judicial system.