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Man I love rap. It keeps me cool. It relaxes me. But sometimes I just get sick of it. I feel as if there is too much swearing. I feel as if the beat is too fast. So once when I really didn’t want to listen to rap I went out on a quest. A quest to find a replacement for rap if I don’t want to listen to it. I’m into candian arstists. So I searched the Canadian scene for a replacement. AND I FOUND SOME REPLACEMENTS. Those replacements are Michael Bublé and David Myles. Let me start with Michael Buble. His songs are so pleasurable even though he always talks about love. Personally I love his songs “Haven’t Met You Yet” and “It’s a Beautiful Day” these songs make you feel great. Now we go to David Myles. David has a smooth and extremely relaxeble voice. Although he is not very well known he is still a phenomenal artist. His songs “Simple Pleasures” and “So Blind” are really nice. Knowing that both of these artists are local also adds a great feeling to when you are listening to them. I’m not saying bye to rap, but if I just need to take a break these are AMAZING replacements.