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The other day I went to my cousin’s house. As soon as I entered he was gargling some type of fluid in his mouth. My cousin was doing this for about 20 mins until he stopped. I asked why was he gargling a weird looking fluid like substance in his mouth. He answered that was actually cleansing his teeth. I then asked him why not use a toothbrush. He answered that toothbrushes are not good for the teeth. In my mind I thought “has fesserton gone mad?” He then told me why he was gargling COCOANUT JUICE in his mouth. Yes having your teeth as clean as the moon is good for you…but the toothpaste we use also removes the “stuff” that helps our teeth heal from things like cavities. So instead of using Colgate toothpaste, every morning for twenty minutes my cousin gargles cocoanut juice in his mouth. It’s an odd but great thing to do…. Eh?