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Last night I was watching the leafs game against the capitals (leafs barely won). I saw all the fans and thought “Man I’ve been a hockey fan for ages but why haven’t I ever gone to a leafs game?” Well the answer is… HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY GET LEAFS TICKETS? A few days ago I saw Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flarhety at the leafs and devils game and I thought “How can these guys get leafs tickets and we as fans cannot.” Well the answer to that one is they used tax payers money. You know what the really disappointing thing is? The actual leafs fans cannot attend the game. But do you know who can? The rich buisness men who work in a huge corporate company. These companies buy all the tickets to give to their fans. Well I guess the only way to get GOOD AND AFFORDABLE TICKETS is based on the connections you have.