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Now I like dressing up. Infact I LOVE overdressing. But one thing got me thinking… Are all these luxury goods really worth it? When I say luxury goods I mean purses, watches, and clothing. Let me start of with purses. Say you went out and bought a $500 Coach purse. Was that really worth it? It’s not like someone will grab your purse just to look through it and find out if it is authentic. You would be better off buying a fake. Let’s move on to watches. It is easier to identify the watch due to the fact that it is wide open on your wrist. If you go to a meeting and people see you wearing a fake, it may effect your overall look. Finally clothing. And when I say clothing I mean everything from licensed sports jerseys to suit jackets. When it comes to clothing wearing fakes is pretty safe. Fake jerseys are fine to wear… Clearly there’s NOT MUCH of a difference between fakes and real ones. When it comes to suits I think as far as fakes go your safe. It’s not like your going to open up your suit to show the manufacturer tag. Personally I’m in the middle of this. I love dressing but I find the whole concept stupid that you have to pay so much for a “name.”