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Yesterday I went to a market. Now I try to stay away from junk foods but yesterday I felt like having Canada’s best dish…. POUTINE. So I ordered one, waited five minutes and finally got it. I haven’t had poutine in a while so I didn’t expect the mess I would have to deal with. As soon as I got my poutune I took two or three napkins, a fork and hurried to a table to eat the dish. As I was eating I didn’t realize how messy the gravy was but I didn’t think that there was more to come. After a few messy bites something big came up. As I was taking a big bite all the stringy cheese landed on my face! And that kept on happening! That’s the thing I hate about poutine when you take a bite while you’re fork is at face level, all the cheese just ends up on your face. For the amount of napkins I used it probably equaled to a tree (sorry tree). Poutine is messy (sorry Canada).


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