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The year is 2014. The years 2006-2008 are long forgotten. Many people seem to forget that in these years was a phone. A beautiful phone that everyone had. That phone was the Blackberry. Trends changed and Blackberries got left in the dust. iPhones and Samsungs took over the cellular market. These phones are the type that anyone would want today. iPhone is like a culture, every time a new one comes out EVERYBODY has to change. But there is one phone that is still on the market. One that cultivated the mid 2000’s. The name of that phone is a Blackberry. Most people have moved away from Blackberries, but I have not. I still love Blackberries. I am still a shareholder. I am still suscribed to their website. I’m in 2014 and my dream is to upgrade my Blackberry Curve to a Blackberry Q10. I can see a comeback for Blackberry. When their stock just recently raised from $6.00 to $9.00 I saw a sign of hope. The new CEO of Blackberry John Chen shall turn it around. You wait and see, Blackberry will be king again.

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