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So yesterday I was looking at my hat “collection.” I love hats so I have quite a few of them. As I was going through I saw one flat brimmed hat. Then I saw a regular cap. I thought to myself……. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FLAT BRIMMED HATS AND REGULAR HATS? I’m kind-of a classic type of guy. I wear the “regular” hats but sometimes I do wear the flat brimmed ones. (Very rarely though). I’ve found that the flat hat thing is kinda like a culture. People buy them and keep the original logo on. I have no problem with this, infact I find it unique. I’m not that type of guy though. These flat hat guys also have a store for them that only sells flat brimmed hats. It’s called LIDS. This place has all types of flat brimmed hats. From Elmo ones to Pittsburgh Penguins ones. They have everything. Now let’s move on to regular hats. These are the classical ones. The ones that were built to keep your head from burning. These hats are not like a culture. Everyone has one. Regardless of age. These you can buy from any place. This is the type of hat I have. Yes I’m an ordinary guy. I’m not part of a hat culture. I just wear hats for the heck of it.



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