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So I was walking around a mall on the weekend. I had nothing else to do so I was just wasting my time. As I walked around I noticed ads everywhere. I was so tempted to go inside these stores but my wallet opted not to. I kept on walking and I started thinking “Are malls a good place to be at?” Surely there’s a lot of variety of stores. Surely it’s they’re great places to walk at. Surely you can find good deals, but there are also cons. The number one thing is that…. YOU CAN SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY. Malls can influence you to kill your wallet. There are so many stores, you just want to shop at all of them. You end up buying too much. Which then leads to buyers remorse. Malls are so bad in that sense, it’s like you walking out of one store and going to another. There’s no end to the shopping. I’d just prefer to “window shop.” You don’t have to buy anything, but you still get the thrill of looking at those stuff. Malls are cool but at the same time are a very tricky place to be at. BE CAREFUL.



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