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I’ve always have had some support for Rob Ford. In fact I call myself a bit of a Ford-Nation. I’ve somewhat forgiven the mayor for his past actions, but deep inside I still knew he has an issue. Rob Ford has done well for the city. During the ice storm he was praised for his actions. People once again showed some respect for the guy. Even council was impressed. Generally the public thought that this Ford drug shit is over. He was earning it all back. I liked his actions during the ice storm too. This was all in play, until today. A video has surfaced showing Ford intoxicated last night. C’mon man. You were earning it ALL BACK. And you had to screw it up. Rob Ford is there something wrong? You are capable of so much. And you have to screw it up. Why can’t he just give up these habits. I really think he should check himself into rehab (Mark Towhey moment). He should just stop. Why does he hang with the wrong people?



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