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I hate nose-bleeds. Nose-bleeds always ruin everything. But the thing is…. I ALWAYS GET NOSEBLEEDS. I’m telling you. I am one nosebleed addict. I get nosebleeds at least one time a day 7 days a week. Nosebleeds ruin everything. They ruin your clothes, your relaxation time, and basically everything else. Imagine walking somewhere where there are no tissues to stop your nosebleed. That’s happened to me. Nosebleeds are highly embarrassing. Imagine one day if you are making a speech in public and all of a sudden you get a nosebleed. WHAT DO YOU DO? I don’t know. What happens if you just bought a $500 shirt and are going on a date, then get a nosebleed. That’d be insane. Nosebleeds also make your throat, your mouth, and your hands bloody. What would happen if you are wearing an expensive watch, then get a nosebleed? It’d probably be ruined. Once I got a nosebleed and the leather seats of my car got all stained. It took a whole to get rid of those. I’ve also ruined numerous shirts with nosebleeds too.
I think I’ll start a nosebleed journal to keep count of how much nosebleeds I get.



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