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A word is a movement of the mouth, tongue and lips. It simply is what your mouth, lips and tounge do, in order for you to speak. Speaking is a way of communicating with others. It is verbal communication. We use this to get by in our daily lives. However with every good thing there comes bad. When speaking, there are also phrases you can use to express other feelings most notably, bad ones. These are called “swear words.” Some examples include, shit, heck, etc. There are more but they have sexual references which are inappropriate for some ages. I believe “shit” is appropriate for all ages. After all it means “crap.” What is so wrong with a word which defines feces. Then we move onto heck, this signifies the experession of surprise or frustration. So an expression of your feelings stated through the movement of your mouth is considered bad? So to signify your personal stress should be privatized? To swear is considered a bad thing to do in society. I don’t believe it is bad at all.
Society is weird.



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