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I just came back from a vacation/cruise in Miami. Generally I had a fantastic time. I did things I’ll remember for a while. There is just one thing that bothers me about vacations. I am bothered by the fact that we force ourselves to enjoy vacations. Some of us may like lounging in a hotel. Well on vacations we force ourselves to leave the hotel and take an excursion that we might not have enjoyed. Forcing ourselves to to things on vacations may also lead to spending too much money on things that we didn’t necessarily have to do. On my vacation for two nights I was staying at a quite expensive hotel. While in my room I forced myself to get out and go to the pool. At this hotel lots of things were expensive. So I went down to the pool area. I was feeling hungry and sadly ended up getting a yogurt cup that costed $16. On my trip I also went to a beach. I stayed in the water for a while and then came out thinking I could go sit somewhere. My cousin then told me to come on the beach. I refused at first but then thought that I travelled for the sun so I laid on the beach. I ended up getting sun burned.

On vacations I hate the self-stress.



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