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For the last few weeks or so I have been having conversations with people. These were about theories as to where Malaysia 370 was. The flight went missing as soon as it exited Malaysian airspace. Apparently the tracking beacon was manually turned off. At the same time around the world people were shocked as to how this plane disappeared. Media outlets were going crazy and were listing many theories as to what happened to the plane. I was keeping up with CNN and everyday they would interview people with different theories as to what had happened to the plane. Some said it was hit by a meteor shower, some said it just exploded, others said it was a hijack and that the plane was hidden somewhere, and others said that it had been abducted by aliens. The funny part was that it just crashed into the water. Something that was 90% already predicted. Society is so overactive. It crashed into the water. Yet we came up with so many theories.


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