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Politicians are all full of small talk. We get it. They always make up random shit that’ll make us want to vote for them. One other thing that politicians like to do is to refer to their own famalies. I have seen many examples of this. To start off I’ll go with President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama. Michelle is a fashion and health advocate. So are you telling me that just because she is the first lady, she can be this? If she wasn’t the first lady she’d still be a lawyer and not a writer. Michelle is part of the core of Barack Obama’s presidency. People love her. Let me move onto Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Whenever there is a special occasion in one’s community, Mr. Harper send out letters regarding the occasion. When Stephen sends these letters, they have a picture of Laureen (his wife) and his two kids Ben and Rachel. Laureen is also nicknamed the secret weapon of the Conservative Party of Canada. Lastly I would like to refer to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. When saying his speech admitting to smoking crack cociane, Rob brough his wife along. Did he have to? I believe politicians like using their famalies to state that they’re normal like us. They are trying to say that they have a family and a normal life like us.



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