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The Ontario Provincial election is coming up. Our runners for premier? Liberal Kathleen Wynne, PC Tim Hudak, and NDP Andrea Horwath. Normally I like most people, would support a certain politician. However, this time around I’m not supporting anyone. Why? Well the answer is that all of these politicians have a big and certain issue. Let me start off with Liberal Kathleen Wynne. The Liberals have an ongoing history of scandals including the most recent cancelled gas plant one. The Liberal government at that time under Dalton McGuinty announced plans to build a gas plant Oakville, Ontario. After collecting over $1.1 billion, the Liberal government cancelled the plans. A reason as to why I am not supporting Wynne. Let’s move on to the PC Hudak. He simply doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing. He’s never been the premier before and has no experience. Tim said if we can cut 100,000 public sector jobs then we can create 1,000,000 private jobs. Hudak couldn’t keep his mouth shut and probably lost about a million votes from people who work in the public sector. Lastly I’ll go to Ms. Horwath the NDP. In only the perfect world can NDP policies work. Bob Rae realized this and ran to the Liberals. We wouldn’t want to risk another debt run by letting the NDP give money away to anyone. And those are the reasons why I won’t be that active during the upcoming election.