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By: Mark

BMW, one of the most well know automotive companies ever. We have come to expect a lot from their M Sport division, however lately BMW has been in a power battle with AMG. More horsepower means less driving control. However lately BMW just came out with their 2015 m4 and m3. The M4’s 3.0-liter unit, code-named S55, can rev up to 7600 rpm—a remarkable achievement for a turbocharged mill. The twin-turbo six-cylinder is rated at 425 horsepower from 5500 to 7300 rpm, while torque tops out at 406 lb-ft from 1800 rpm. Those are increases of 11 horses and 111 lb-ft of twist versus the V-8–powered M3. The standard transmission is a sixspeed manual, which automatically revs on downshifts. The optional transmission is a sevenspeed dual-clutch automatic, which delivers quicker shifts in exchange for additional weight. Also in the new m3 and m4 is a twin clutch transmission which shifts very quickly and smoothly. With optional carbon ceramic brakes, this car has earned a place in the automotive world. So much so that the DTM Racing group used it as the new 2014 season pace car… Quite the achievement.



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