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By: Zak and Mark

Everybody knows Rob Ford, Crack… blah blah blah. Recently his Cadillac Escalade was spotted and it was driven erratically by some woman. The woman ended up being charged with DUI……. wait what? The car was not reported stolen. The woman a high amount of alcohol in her blood. Rob Ford probably just gave her a blood donation since he drinks so much… haha. This is weird, I mean Rob Ford let some crazy stupid person drive is car; Why the heck would he do that? I’m saying, he has to give us the truth because we are doubting him to much. I guess he was just REALLY wanted that nice cold drink…. Is that woman is just his friend? Why couldn’t Doug do it? He trusted some lady with his $100,000+ car. Hope the car doesn’t get scratched up in the pound! As you many remember, he lied about crack, he lied about that he was in rehab, this is making him look bad. Rob Ford you gotta starting giving us the truth or no one will trust you and you will lose the elections. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.



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