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By: Mark

The Porsche 2014 911 (991) gt3. This is supposed to be the track edition of the already potent 991. It uses a new 3.8 litre natural aspirated v8. The same one found on the panramera. The motor produces its peak 475 horsepower at 8250 rpm, with the limiter set at a dizzying 9000 rpm. Torque is amazing, giving you instant throttle response. The new electrical steering rack is also a new feature. A little input on the steering will change the car’s movement. The rear tires can also move 5 degrees. This helps correct some of the under steer and makes for a extremely precise car. The rims are super light and rapped with a new Michelin Pilot Cup Tire. The tire has a new super sticky compound. The car also has new aerodynamic upgrades with gives it a lot of downforce at high speeds. The overall weigh to power distribution and ratio makes for a great driving sensation. In the last general 911 gt3, it used a stick shift, the new one uses a Porsche Dual Clutch System for simply know as PDK. Many people say that the manual had better feel, however the 911 gt3 was meant to be a street version of a race car. Dual clutch is faster shifting, so it was a better choice as a track car. The 2014 911 (991) has won back to back best driver’s car competitions and the gt3 edition is supposed to bring out the best of the technology from Porsche.



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