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By: Zak

Any website has a formidable amount of viewers on it. People could just be surfing the web and come across an article. Some others could be subscribed to a website. Bottom line, websites get a decent amount of support from viewers. However there is one problem which comes with this. It’s the fact that only the owner of a website knows their website’s stats. No one else does. The problem that this brings up is that people don’t know how many viewers visit a website. Some people just act wise and base the amount of viewers on how many comments a website receives. I have one question. Why do people read but don’t comment? I’m guilty of this too. Yet I don’t know what causes us to do this. Is it just human laziness? If we have enough energy to read, why can’t we comment? I have plenty of people come up to me and say “Zak, whatever happened to zakopinion?” Listen man, you don’t know what my stats are, so why do you question them? Come and visit my site, enjoy my articles. Websites are all about getting your word out. People can join in and discuss about your opinion. I have about 225 subscribers on my website. Do I get 225 comments per post? No I don’t. It’s not that I expect this, but it’d just be nice if you yourself would know if people are reading your articles. I’m guilty of this too, I hardly comment. Why don’t people join the discussion? Do they not want to? I don’t know. We read but we don’t comment.



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