By: Rolf

We all have heard about the upcoming Ontario elections, but who will win is the question. If you are from Ontario, you might want to pay attention to what will happen in the elections.

1: The Liberals have a strong fan-base. Why have they won in the past? That is because of the strong fan-base they have. Through the past, the Ontario Liberals have built up trust that is passed down through the generations of people. Simply put, the party that has more supporters will win. And the Liberals will have the most, but not more than 50%.

2: The Liberal policies seem “fair” and “responsible”. When a young voter is about to vote, they look at the policies that the party choses. The Liberals have policies that promote “higher taxes for the rich and lower taxes for the poor and middle class”. Many young voters will go for the middle ground with no previous experience and most of the young voters will not know about the previous failures of the minority government.

3: The other party’s have no reputation at all. When faced with the questions of voting, many voters will look into the parties to see any background. The NDP Party have been giving out money to many organizations, and anyone else who understands these things should know that giving away money is a no-no. Also, the Conservatives have promised to cut jobs, so if you are young and unemployed or working in the public sector, the Conservatives seem deadly.

4: The Liberals have the money, and the lust. People are attracted towards riches and the promise of strength. Although the Liberals do not promise anything like that despite the “we have recovered” crap they keep saying. Let me tell you this: WE HAVE NOT RECOVERED. The image the Liberals have put out is fake, but it seems so real, that many people fall for it, but thankfully, 50% of the population does.

5: Media is key. Why do you think that companies strike it rich for a bad product? Advertisement makes the difference to the product. In the same way, the Liberal’s campaign in excellent in tactics. You see Liberal signs everywhere, but you may not see the Conservative and NDP signs everywhere. The Liberals are always on the internet and they are always on televisions and radios, but will this make the difference? Apparently this does and it is apparently very appealing to people of all ages.

That is why the Liberals will win the upcoming election and why they have captured the vision of the population.



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