By: Rolf LI

The Canadian government has made incorrect choices, choices that say how corrupt the government is. But has that hindered the “development” of Canada as Harper puts it? Harper, which we cannot trust ever again, insists that Canada has not suffered economic slowdown in spite of flagging reports. The only reason he has come up with when faced with the reality is “the weather was bad, and that slowed it down”. There are two major players in the Canadian economy: oil and agriculture. But let’s focus on oil. There are many ways to get oil onto the market, but the most efficient way is by pipeline. SO WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE STALLING? The government is pushing back the deadline for the decision of the pipeline a bit by bit. What is going on with that? Is Harper scared that there might be a risk and a rebellion will start? What is this game of “I don’t know what is going on, so I will step back and watch”? The Gateway Project will bring $300 Billion to the Canadian GDP in the next 30 years and it is vital to continually ship out oil to other nations. Every year that the project is stalled, we lose another potential $10 Billion. I can understand that the Aboriginals might not be happy, but the government has to do something about the problem. Viable solutions would be to pay a stake in the pipeline and assume all the responsibility. In addition to that, the pipeline would bring 1,800 long-term jobs to the table. Yes, this is what the economy is about. Getting jobs into the economy and export goods. The pipeline would do both, and there can be safety standards, so is the government going to step back? Yes they are, and that is the sad truth. Step it up Harper and the gang, or the NDP and the Liberals will do it in the next election. Get it done and get it done fast. We have no time to lose! Get it together Conservatives and make the right choice that will bring wealth that Canada has never seen before.







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