By: Rolf Li

We all like to think of Canada as a developed country, and in all respect, we are. We have access to clean water and safe conditions to live in, but when it comes to the internet service, we are decades behind. Today, the download speed and pinging speed of our internet is one of the fastest in the world, at times even beating the USA. But what happens when you want to post that funny video or play an online game that sends and receives signals? Well, you are out of luck. The average $80 dollar plan in central and eastern Canada provides us with around 5mbps. That ranks us 54th in the world for internet upload speeds. 54th in the WORLD. You might like to think that your “high-speed internet” is the best or it is really fast, but think again when you are dishing out $200 a month for only 10mbps. Ok, so you are thinking, where is the part where you criticize the government or the big companies? Well, here it comes. WHY ARE WE SO SLOW? The fact is that the government knows about this problem and is not doing anything about it. Harper and his small panel think that since they have the internet speeds, they can leave the rest of Canada to dry out and flop around while the rest of the world is cruising in the deep sea of information. Let’s start with the facts. Last month, Rogers was tested by Netflix to see and compare the performance of the providers. Bell came first and Rogers came DEAD LAST. Why is this? Rogers provides over 50% of Canada with their phone and internet plans and coverage. That is because they have made profit out of it. Yes, let me say that again. Rogers made PROFIT on their slower internet speeds and they cannot catch up. If this can be done on a small scale, why can’t the government do it too. In fact, they already have. This year alone, the internet fees in some areas went up by 20% in comparison to other areas. Why is this? The Canadian Government has created a new law that restricts the internet speed by about 30%. (Not officially stated by the government) In addition to that, the government has been clamouring for more in the internet business. The slower you upload, the more time you spend on the data record, and that means more cash in the government pocket. Pick up the pace Harper. We make some of the world’s most advanced satellites and we are a world leader in the development of technology. We can do much better than 54th and you better fix it Harper, or in the next election, your fate is in the hands of angry internet users.



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