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By Kiyan

As all must know, World Cup 2014 is quickly approaching. As a result, predictions are the new “hot” topic. Though experts say it will be a Brazil and Argentina final, the classic, I beg to differ. This World Cup, there are several strong teams who may have us in for a treat. Germany has a very young squad with players from the very successful league, Bundesliga. This deep, fast, and young squad may take the World Cup stage by surprise. Unfortunately, such a good team is too over confident, which I believe is enough to throw them out of the title race. Next, let’s talk about England; experts believe they will make it past the group stage without a worry. I think if Luis Suarez, EPL’s top scorer, is back to play for Uruguay, England will be given a run for their money. To add, Italy is not a very bad squad either, and is completely capable defeating England this coming summer. Group D will be very interesting to see who comes out on top! On top of that, it is going to be extremely fun to watch Group B play the game that we all love. This group consists of Spain, Netherlands, Chile, and Australia, which means it also has some competition. Though everyone thinks, without a doubt, Spain and Netherlands will come out on top, in my opinion, I think Chile is a very strong and well-composed team. With Vidal, Vargas, and Barcelona midfielder, Sanchez, they have enough to defeat the defending champions, Espãna. Finally, Belgium will be a surprise to all. With Eden Hazard, one of the best midfielders in the premier league, Lukaku, Fellaini, Kompany, Mignolet, and Courtouis, this squad will be amazing. To conclude, I think this World Cup will be a very interesting one to watch and will keep the world at the edge of their seats!



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