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The Dodge SRT Viper TA. This car was made for the track. When motor-trend tested the Viper GTS and Corvette ZR1. The Viper lost. The boss at SRT got PISSED and made the TA Viper, which is supposed to be the most track edition, most extreme and most brutal viper ever. The engine is very impressive. From the 8.4L v10 is a 640 horsepower and the amount of torque… it’s AMAZING. The car’s engine is also naturally aspirated, so there is no throttle lag and the shifts, man they are good. Although it is not as fast as a dual clutch, it has a very good feel. The chassis and suspension is stiff and the spring rates beside the wheels are also tuned up. The car has a new carbon aerodynamic package and it also has thicker brake disks. The side pipes are still crazy hit and cool look, it produces so much heat that the car is melting it’s own paint on the door jams. It also still has that same Pirelli Corsa tire.
Now for the looks of the car… This thing is complete swagger. It looks amazing with its new nostrils on the hood and that carbon aerodynamic package. The side air intakes are very good looking as well. OVERALL… JOB WELL DONE SRT.

Zak is a Viper fan



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