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As you may know, Canada has two amazing tennis players. Canada has not really been a strong contender in tennis. We have not had good players for a very, very long time. Recently, in the French Open, there were two standout players. In men’s singles is Milos Raonic, in woman’s singles is Eugenie Bouchard. These two individuals have performed extremely well and represented Canada with pride. Their hard work and dedication finally paid off. Milos made it to the quarter finals and lost in a heartbreaking match. Eugenie tried very hard and made it to the semi-finals but lost to the mighty Sharapova. Though we didn’t win anything, this was a huge improvement from last year. We didn’t even make it to the semi-finals or even quarter last year. Personally, I think that Canada is going to do well next year or in the next few matches. We have found our footing and we just need to practice a little bit more. I believe we can match the being of many European countries. Tennis is also becoming quite popular in Canada. Canada’s tennis players are TRULY the finest fighters. I wish all Canadian athletes the best of luck in their future games. GO CANADA.



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