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By: Zak

Three RCMP officers killed and two wounded. This all happened during the course of the last two days in Moncton, New Brunswick. The Maritimes are a place where you can feel the Ocean and its cool breeze. Growing up and listening to Canadian East Coast hip-hop, I’ve always been wanting to visit the Maritimes. I’ve heard such great things about the Maritimes. Even at night while watching your favorite TV show and you see one of those tourism ads; those make you want to visit the Maritimes even more. The environment must be very clean out there, eh? From what I’ve heard the Maritimes seem like a paradise. Today, however, I uncovered the other side of my own fantasy. Justin Bourque, the shooting suspect, was arrested on Friday. The whole town was under a lockdown for a few days. Usually you hear about these stories coming out of a city like Toronto. I thought people are chilled and laid back in the Maritimes. Here in Toronto, everyone is part of the same rat race. We hardly relax. I now see that the whole of Canada has the same society. We all live caught up with ourselves. Moncton is also a popular tourist site, meaning there probably isn’t any economic issue there.

I will continue to post more opinions about the Moncton incident.




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