By: Rolf

This past week, the United States Of America announced a plan to drastically reduce carbon emissions from the highest producer: coal. I would really like to applaud the Obama Administration for finally taking action to stop killing the environment and getting a solid grip on power production. President Obama announced the new plan personally and he promised to have the plan worked into the system. That is great; it will save the USA millions in health care. Also included in the plan, is a sustainable way to bring alternative energy sources to USA. Now to our dire situation in Canada. What is going on? Where is our law to have the clean air that we deserve? In the GTA alone, during the peak hours, we run about 2-3 coal-fired plants in addition to the nuclear power plant that we have access to. Why is this? For one fact, we have NO LAW that prevents major companies from producing a lot of carbon emissions. What did I just write? We have NO LAW that prohibits massive generation of carbon. So what is taking so long? Why are we still arguing about legalizing a drug *Mr. Trudeau* and we are still arguing about a gas plant scandal *Ms. Wynne* when we are faced with a choice of LIFE or DEATH. We need to work together, as Canadians, and find a way to cut our carbon emissions from our power plants. We all need to pressure the major players in the Canadian government to step up their game. How are we “ahead of the United States in the prevention of carbon emissions” when they have laws and we don’t? Is this based on the fact that coal is not our major source of carbon (oil-sands and oil), so we can say our coal emissions are low? No we cannot. This is completely wrong and we should have a government that would take the measures to protect our health. Mr. Harper always says that we have cut emissions but we have no proof to back that up. I’m not saying Mr. Harper is wrong, but when a developed nation has heavy carbon problems and is not taking the steps to fix it, well… I’m just saying that our government should follow the USA’s footsteps and praise Mr. Obama for his work. We should be able to say “what a great PM we have and look at all he has done to protect the economy, our health, and our reputation.” 



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