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By: Kiyan

It has been said, for many years now, that Lionel Messi has been the best striker, or even Footballer, in today’s world. Messi coming into the 2013-2014 season, had 4 Ballon D’ors. Ronaldo was runner up to Messi 2 of these four times. This season there was a turn in events, as Real Madrid Forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, won his first Ballon D’or. Many people may ask,

“Why Ronaldo?” but, everyone knows why. See, society believes that if Messi is ranked the best player in the word, then he should be supported. Without a doubt Messi is a great striker, but what makes him so great? Messi has tremendous pace with the ball, and a very strong goal scoring ability, but without two very key people, Messi would not be able to accomplish as much as he has. Much of Lionel’s

success should be credited to Barcelona mid-fielders Xavi and Iniesta, who have both been nominated for Ballon D’ors. These two men combined, pretty much deliver the perfect ball for Barcelona’s “number ten” to run onto. Without these two batteries, Messi would be a machine with no power. A prime example is World Cup 2010, Messi went goal-less the whole tournament. Why? Well, Xavi and Iniesta were not on Argentina’s roster! I think this provides the soccer community with the answers they are looking for. The Ballon D’or award is given to the best player in the world. Messi is, yes, the best “team player” in the world, but Ronaldo is the best individually talented player currently playing the beautiful game. Ronaldo can win a ball himself, and use his pace, strength, and powerful shot to score goals without any help. Ronaldo may be surrounded by great players on both his club team and international squad, but what separates Cristiano from the rest is how he can complete a task without any other tools. He is an entire tool box. I am confident that this article, alone, justifies Ronaldo’s 31 goals this season compared to Messi’s 28.



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