By: Rolf

We all know that the L.A. Kings have won the last two games out of the two games that have been played. Why is this? Let’s take a closer look.

If you look closely at statistics, the Rangers have the better team. The goalie was one of the best in the post and regular season and he is one of the most experienced in the league. Also, the Rangers have a better 5 on 5 rating and they have the better penalty kill than the L.A. Kings. So why are the Rangers losing? If you can look closely enough, you can see that the Kings just have more experience. They know that they will let a few goals, but they will not get discouraged. They have the strength to say “Look. I know we are losing, but what can we do to tie up the game?” The Kings have won both in overtime, but that does mean that the Rangers are weak? No. It actually makes the Rangers stronger. Coming into the post-season, the Rangers have been looked at as the “bad” team or the “knockout-team”. That is not the case here. Both teams are strong, but the team that can hold it out just a bit more will win the game. 

So what should have happened? No one can doubt that the Rangers deserved to win both games away from home. In fact, many people I know thought the Rangers should have swept the Kings for sure. But what happened? The Kings won both. Now, lets take it to the first period. Both teams start out strong, but the Rangers are stronger. They have very good handling skills, but they are very sluggish to shake off a goal against. That is why the Kings have been able to rebound so many times in the series. There is also the fact that the Rangers get very tired after the second period, and like the Bruins, the Kings start to play better at the end of the second and into the third. That is what separates the good from the mediocre. I think that the coach of the Rangers should have the better players restrain themselves from getting tired too quick without forcing the team to suffer. 

The Kings are excellent rebounders. When they score a goal, they are quick to force another one and then another, because they have very high hopes in my opinion that they will tie up the game–if not win it. They can work right after a goal and they are not so slow to take the game back from the Rangers.

There are some players to watch for when watching the NHL finals and I will list them for you. MARTIN ST.LOUIS is an impact player and he is quick on his feet and very good with the puck. He is able to carry the puck into the offensive zone very easily. RICK NASH is a very offensive-defensive player that knows where is puck is at all times. This helps him back-check and get the puck out of his own zone. RAPHAEL DIAZ is a very fast defence men and he is smart with the puck. He takes chances that work in his favour to clear the puck and create opportunities. DUSTIN BROWN is a very aggressive player and is not afraid to get to the puck even in the worst conditions. His amazing foresight allows him to see where is the puck will land and that allows him to get the rebound. JEFF CARTER is amazing and his stats are excellent. He can easily get to the puck first and his handles can break millions of ankles. DREW DOUGHTY is the best when it comes to his field. He gets right up to the net and he puts pressure on the play by taking amazing shots at tough angles. 



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