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The SLS AMG Coupé Black Series is a version of SLS AMG Coupé inspired by the racing version of the SLS AMG GT3. It includes increased engine power to 464 kW (622 hp) and decreased torque to 635 N·m (468 lb·ft), increased engine’s redline to 8000 rpm, fully revised high-speed valve train with modified camshafts, adapted cam geometry and optimized bucket tappets featuring a special coating which is otherwise exclusive to racing vehicles, modification of the intake air ducting (derestriction and adaptation to the new maximum engine speed), adaptation of the engine application and increase in peak pressure. The same engine is found in the SLS AMG GT which was not a very good driving car, however, the guys at AMG cranked up the horsepower by revising some parts and giving it a better cooling and intake system. This results in a world class 0-60 mph or and 0-100 kph of 3.2 seconds. The vehicle is 70 kg (150 lb) lighter than the standard model. This is accomplished by increased use of carbon fibre in body panels, mechanical components, and the spaceframe. Further, a switch from steel to titanium for the exhaust reduces weight by 13 kg (29 lb). The use of lithium-ion battery reduces weight by 8 kg (18 lb).The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission is installed 10mm lower in order to achieve a lower centre of gravity for the vehicle and is braced against the body by gas-filled struts in order to avoid stress cycles. The transmission was much more faster in terms of shifts and also much more smoother in delivery quality. The transmission’s “Sport plus” and “Manual” modes feature faster shifting speed. The car also has a wide arrangement of aerodynamic upgrades which are found on almost all GT3 cars. These upgrades include a front splitter, flicks, side flicks, a diffuser out back and this crazy carbon fibre wing at the back with adds quite a bite of downforce. The tires are the Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires and the rims are made from forged alloy which is super light. The carbon ceramic brakes are also super effective giving it 100-0 braking around the 100ft range. The chassis is also entirely changed. The new chassis is made of stronger, lighter materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium Overall this is a very good driving car. One of my personal favourites. With the new carbon fibre add on parts, the car looks just as good as it performs. The car has a super long hood for the engine, you are basically driving one the trunk. This makes for an very sporty look.



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