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By Kiyan

As all know, the Opening Ceremonies for the Word Cup were today. I was not pleased with the ceremonies this time around. They lasted about 30 minutes and had one performance by known celebrities. That was Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull taking the stage with their new hit song “We Are One.” Though this one performance was good, the rest were not. It was more a display of the Brazilian culture than anything else. In comparison to the 2010 Opening Ceremonies, this one was terrible. Last year both Shakira and Alicia Keys struck South Africa with outstanding performances. It really had the world on their feet. These ceremonies costed nine-million US dollars and over two-billion Brazilian. What a waste of money! Though these ceremonies were disappointing, I assure the World Cup will not be. With Croatia and Brazil playing today and many other interesting matches, this World Cup will be one to watch. Stay tuned for more articles on the World Cup.



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