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We are back to our bad old ways in Ontario only this time it’s worse. The Liberals headed by Kathleen Wynne won again in Ontario, however this time they secured a majority. The PC’s Tim Hudak failed in changing the public’s opinion, he actually made it worse for himself. Tim resigned shortly after the numbers were declared (he would’ve gotten fired anyways). Tim screwed up his party in two ways. He made the Liberals get a majority, and he resigned at an abrupt time. Now the PCs will have to look for a new leader while hanging on to their 27 seats. The reason as to why I’m really pissed off is that the people of Ontario didn’t sought for a change. After 20 years of Liberal rule (it will be 20 years when this term ends) the public were to scared for change. We endured some of the worse scandals under the the Liberal government, yet people didn’t want to change. Why? Is Ontario always going to be under a Liberal government? One thing for sure, Tim Hudak screwed up big time. He should’ve just kept shut about the million jobs plan. People are too scared of change, soon they will face their mistake. Change is good.