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By Kiyan

Yesterday, the first match of the World Cup was played. As always, the home team participated in the first match of the tournament and, as expected, defeated Croatia 3-1. Some argue that this score line did not reflect the game. This match was fast paced, exciting, and a close call. Croatia took the lead, courtesy of Brazilian defender Marcelo, but Neymar managed to find an equalizer later that half. Brazil had finally taken the lead in the second half with Neymar’s penalty kick. A lot of controversy was raised about the call. Fred, a Brazilian attacker, was grabbed by one of the Croatian defenders, but went down fairly easily to draw the call. This type of physicality happens in every game, and usually a penalty is not given. This time around, the Japanese ref favoured the home team in his call. Though I am a huge fan of Brazil, I have to say that the call was incorrect. The penalty should not have been awarded to Brazil. On the other hand, Oscar (Brazilian midfielder) played a fantastic game creating the first goal, and scoring the third. In my opinion, Oscar should have received man of the match, as he had secured Brazil’s win. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the upcoming games!




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