By: Rolf

He shoots…he scores! That is the cry of the average hockey announcer at a regular hockey game, but the game last night was unforgettable. The Kings got the shot in and it slipped to the open side of the net and the puck felt some string. But why did the Rangers loose, and was it just bad luck that got in the way? If you look at the finals, the Kings won 2 games out of the 5 they played in DOUBLE OVERTIME. Are you kidding me? Never before in the finals have we seen such a long game in the 21st century. If the Kings can only win in sudden death, that means that they are in for a rough season next year and the year after that. Ok, so you are thinking “The Kings won though right? That is good right?” Well, yes and no. Yes they got the cup, but the trip there was a very long and lucky one. Against the Rangers, the Rangers have almost always had the lead in the 3rd period and the Kings get lucky and they net one to tie the game many times. Then, they hold out until they get the lucky break again and then they win. There are two ways to look at it. One way is that you can say that they are stronger and have more resistance, but the bad thing is that if they have to spend so much time to try to tie the game, they are in trouble because next year, all the other teams get to improve their teams and make them faster, but the Kings are stuck with the same players. Good job Kings, but I still think that the Rangers played the better game and that they should have won. 



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