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By: Zak

Every once in a while, society creates a new “thing.” Something that everyone does. This thing in particular may not be that good for your hygiene. This new thing involves sharing. Sharing is caring eh? In this situation, sharing in sorta disgusting. People share earbuds these days. It’s pretty disgusting, but it’s one of those things that if you need to do it , you HAVE TO DO IT. I too am guilty of this. If you accidentally forget your earbuds, you’d have to go around asking someone to use a pair or one side of them. “Hey, can I use a bud,” is a popular phrase these days. After all how can you refuse the inner peace of blasting music in your ears. It’s quite the deafening act. Now let’s move on to the hygienic part of all of this. Imagine, your bud stuck in the dwellings of your wax filled ear. You then hand this bud to a friend, whose dying to listen to their Drake or Eminem. His ear, is also full of wax. When he hands it back to you, your other friend wants to borrow the infamous bud. You give it to him feeling his sorrow. After he’s done listening to Bryan Adams, he hands it back to you. His also has wax in it. By this point you are dying to listen to your hip-hop. Without thinking twice, the bud goes straight into your ear. This is what’s happening in society 2014. Hopefully ear infections don’t occur. For if they do, your doctor will be laughing all the way to the bank.



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