By: Rolf

We all know that the Ontario Liberals won the election and that they won with the majority, but what we don’t know is what will happen next for the future of Ontario. At this point, many people don’t care because Tim Hudak made his plan sound like shit and Andrea Horwath made her plan into nothing. So what will happen? Firstly, let me say that they can pass the budget without any opposition because they won with the majority. The budget is though of bad because clearly, the NDP and the PC Party do not agree with it and the though of taxes is put into everyone’s mind. In a leak in the budget, it was said that Wynne would raise taxes for the rich and raise taxes on good such as cigarettes, kerosene, and regular oil. Not only will this spark anger in the population, it might drive many companies away from Ontario and it might force some middle class citizens to flee to B.C. The next things is that they will not be responsible with the taxpayers dollars. The last time we let them go free, they wasted 1.1 billion dollars doing nothing but create anger. Now that they can run free with the money, they might waste 2 or even 3 billion, maybe to save more seats. Now would you support this? Please tell me you don’t. Wynne has a plan, a plan that will sink the economy of Ontario. The jobs she will “create” are not real and the government will have reckless spending and they will force the real hero’s out of town. I am talking about the hardworking firefighters and the life-saving paramedics. Why did we vote for Wynne again? Just be prepared to endure 4 years of burning and economic failure.



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