By Kiyan

Well, as the whole world must know by now, Portugal faced a bad loss in their opening game of World Cup (Germany 4-0 Portugal). Now, you could say it is just because Germany is really good, or you could look at the problems Portugal may have. I fully understand a loss is a loss, and there are no excuses, but I am just going to outline some of the main factors in this blowout. First of all, though Ronaldo says he is fit to play, who knows… He could still be facing pain. Now if he isn’t fit, it is his responsibility as a professional to take it easy. Secondly, bad officiating helped Germany gain and extra goal, maybe even two. An easy penalty was given to the German side early in the game, though the foul could be questionable. Also, Pepe got a well deserved red card, but the German side should’ve faced some punishment as well. Playing a man down didn’t seem to phase the Portuguese, but it was still a disadvantage. Finally, for the biggest of them all, GOAL KEEPING. Neuer (German goalie) is amazing, and had a great game, but it’s a whole different story with the Portuguese keeper. Both teams had 9 shots on target, and Portugal had one extra shot in total. Looking at this alone, it seems as though the match should have been even, but the goalie for Portugal (Patricio) had a terrible game, conceding four goals. As you can see, many factors contributed to this terrible loss, but let’s hope Portugal has a better tournament than what we have seen so far.