By; Rolf

 We all complain about the price of gas and the price to travel now days. Prices are always rising and we are always complaining. But if you live in the Western world right now, expect a high spike in gas prices in the next month or so. Why is this you say? In Iraq right now, there is an insurgency that is taking over the northern part of the country. In the conquered territory, there are roughly half a dozen oil refineries. This cuts down the Iraq exported oil in half for more due to the instability of the situation. This should not have happened. I mean, Barack Obama, you put soldiers in the line of fire for too long in Afghanistan, but you will not attempt to intervene faster and stabilize the oil flow that everyone needs? This does not make sense. And on the topic of oil, why are people in the USA paying less than a dollar a litre for gasoline? What are Harper and the cabinet doing that is causing this? Why do we export our oil to the USA just to buy oil back for a much higher price? We need to have the people we elected to do some good for the middle class. Save our own oil and we will make the economy independent from outside oil. We have the world’s third largest oil supplies and we are giving it away like pancake batter. KEEP OUR OIL PRICES LOW and stop importing oil for $1.40 a liter. We have a smart PM, make the smart choices.



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