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By: Bosco

I thought that because of annexation of Crimea meant that the Soviet Union would come again. As Crimea was annexed it sort of looked like Ukraine was screwed because they could easily be attacked from east and south. I didn’t even consider the election in May because before the elections, Ukraine would probably be apart of Russia. I don’t want be a communist supporter or anything, but I do recognize Crimea as part of Russia, a few days after its annexation. Legitimately speaking, Crimea’s water source and food imports are from Ukraine and running low, their electricity is from Ukraine, but the power source in lowering, Crimea changed time zones to Moscow time, they are using Russian Rubble, and passports have to be changed. I think Putin doesn’t actually respect Petro Poroshenko because he said he would accept the fact that there would be a new president of Ukraine. He possibly sees Ukraine as a state that needs to be annexed for saving the Russians there. I have a doubt that the crisis in Eastern Ukraine will not end due to high military deaths and Russia possibly no wanting to support Ukraine to end the crisis. On an article I’ve read, Poroshenko said that the region could be taken back or it could be left there. Putin said that they would help Ukraine end the crisis, but he has been sending in reinforcements to the separatists. He’s a politician, it makes sense and also he would want to annex eastern Ukraine to save the Russians there, too.



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