By: Rolf Li

At the closing bell at the major stock markets today, the Loonie jumped against the US Dollar to 1 CAN: 0.94 USD. This is the highest it has been since the beginning of this year, and the Loonie has been on the track of recovery since the end of April. But many statistics have shown that the exports have declined, the service industry is not expanding fast enough, and imports on commodities have increased. The Ontario Liberals have boasted that the Ontario economy is pushing forward Canada, but the cold hard fact is that Alberta is the leader in the Canadian economy. Step it up everyone. High oil prices and inflation has driven up the Loonie, but it will not hold. We need to capitalize on this opportunity and hold on to the value of the Loonie. At this point, if Harper, Wynne, Hancock, and McNeil. This people are the ones who can improve on our current situation as we have the natural resources. We need to take advantage of a low US Dollar and we need to decrease our dependency on other countries and increase our exports. We have a golden opportunity here. Our stock markets are soaring, oil production is at all time high, we have high-quality products, WE CAN DO IT. The future of Canada lies in our PM, and our Premiers, and they should not let us down. 



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