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The Cayman and Boxster GTS truly represents the best form the automaker Porsche. Both base models drove well with their incredible steering, PCCB which is an optional braking system and PDK which is a 7 speed dual clutch transmission. The cars felt tied down, however something was not there- the engine. The models had only 300 horsepower, which is little for a sports car. The Cayman and Boxster GTS was introduced in 2014, and is based on the current Cayman and Boxster. it features a more powerful engine, a new body kit, new 20 inch Carrera S alloys, new Bi-Xenon headlights, and new sports exhaust system. The new sport suspensions allows the Cayman GTS to have a 20mm lower ride height. This gives the car better overall control and stablity. The engine produces 340hp, and can achieve a 0-60mph(or 100kph) in 4.6 seconds with the manual transmission, and 4.5 with PDK. The Cayman and Boxster GTS with the manual transmission can reach a top speed of 177mph (285 kph) while the Cayman with PDK can reach 175mph (283 kph). This is an ideal drivers car because it is a perfect merge between, speed, agility, sportiness, handling and looks. This makes for an amazing driving car. The tires are also stickier making more traction. Over all, the transmission, brakes, chassis, drive terrain, and aerodynamic ad-ones make for an incredible driving machine. BRAVO PORSCHE.