By: Rolf

Canadian markets fell today despite the fact that the American markets hit the 17,000-point mark. Today in America, the White House announced that the American economy added around 200,000 jobs in the first and second quarter and the American unemployment rate dropped to a shocking 6.1%. That is right. The AMERICAN unemployment rate dropped to 6.1%. Canada on the other hand, had its unemployment rate rise to 7% in May. What is happening? Shouldn’t we also be making progress? Why is our economy stalling behind the Americans? The fact is this, the people we elect are not up to standard. Stephen Harper once said, “Canada will never have a deficit”. Now, to the contrary, he is saying,“ We will reduce our 60 billion deficit without raising taxes and cutting back on non-essential services.” Did I hear that correctly? Is Harper saying that the debt of Canada will shrink if we do NOTHING? I think that this is complete bull-s***. What we need is a plan to cut our deficit and a plan to get this economy rolling again. Make no mistake, I think that Harper has done magnificent things for this country, but he has been slacking off and the economy has suffered too because of that. More importantly, we need to get Canadians off their couches and onto the workplace because we are losing jobs. We are not adding jobs, but we are cutting them. We are not expanding the economy fast, but we are slowly “walking” it forward. We have a wider industry than America, we have public benefits, and we have the resources to sustain jobs. Harper, and the premiers of provinces need to work together and fix our internal problems, and them correct our economy. We can do this through hard work, and an increase in job creation by allowing companies to perform their work. Pick it up Parliament Hill, we all depend on you.

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