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By: Boss James

We all heard about lost flights that have crashed into the sea. The most recent one is MH370, which this has been the most complicated mystery of the year. It all started when the plane disabled its communications and diverted its path. For my opinion, I feel that the plane is most likely at the bottom of the Northern Indian Ocean, than south. I looked through some witness reports online, and these witnesses clearly saw the plane on fire and crash into the Northern Indian Ocean. The governments of this operation are clearly looking too far from the map. When they sent men to recover debris thousands of kilometres west of Perth, Australia, it was really just fishing garbage. A British scientist found debris in the Bay of Bengal using a satellite. He did some checks with the metal on the debris, and they were big enough to possibly be parts of the plane. Bengali military was sent to find the debris in the area, but found nothing. Really, scientists predicted that it would take a years to solve the mystery, it would take less if you were to search more north. I say the plane would be located either in the Bay of Bengal, the South China Sea or the Northern Indian Ocean. Oh well I guess we shall have to be patient to learn more about this mystery.



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